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About Mozrank Checker

What is Mozrank Checker Tool?

MozRank checker tool is a popular tool from MOZ. This tool helps you to check the authority of a website or web page. Many website owners used this tool regularly to check the improvement of the website as a factor of reference for optimizing search engines.

How does Mozrank Checker Tool Works?

To use this Mozrank Checker tool, you need to enter or paste the URL of ant website and click on the submit button. After few seconds Mozrank tool analyzes data and shows the result in a tabular form. The result contains MozRank, Page Authority Score, and Domain Authority Score.

  1. Page Authority Score: It shows the rating of a particular URL. The Score is most probably depends on Backlinks. 
  2. Domain Authority Score: It shows the rating of your Domain. Same as Page Authority, Domain Authority also depends on the backlinks.

Benefits of Mozrank Checker?

With the help of this tool you can, check the performance of your website. Domain Authority shows the Trust Flow of your website. 

Note: MOZ generates domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) data, but Google doesn't consider these data. Still, because we don't have an alternative option to analyze data, that's why we prefer these third-party tools.

You can trust these third-party tools because they used their hard-core algorithm to retrieve website data. You can also check our other free online SEO tool.