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About Advertising on Coderepublics

CodeRepublics offers an easy and affordable way to promote your websites, products, and services. We are a continuously growing website with content regarding website designing and development. If you think that your product is related to our website's content then contact us for collaboration.

We give many advertising options that you can choose from:

Text Links

Text links can be given from an article of your choice which is related to your business/product. It can also be placed on the bottom of sidebar on tutorial pages.

Link Type Price Per Month
Single link within article $30
Sidebar link $20

Graphical Ads

Ad Formats Price Per Month
Top Right Sidebar Banner (160 × 600 pixels) $25
Middle Right Sidebar Banner (160 × 500 pixels) $30
Bottom Rectangular Banner (300 × 250 pixels) $75
Within articles (400 × 400 pixels) $125
Top Leaderboard (728 × 90 pixels) (Below Navigation bar) $250

For long term advertising, there can be some negotiations with the prices.

Note: All the links will automatically be given a rel="nofollow" attribute, according to standard Google search engine guidelines.

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