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What is Linux Operating System?

We all are definitely familiar with the most popular operating system 'Windows'. The familiarity of Microsoft Windows is that much that people very often use the term 'Windows' and 'Operating system' interchangeably. Well, we won't discuss Windows today, We will discuss the other OS which is called LINUX Operating System. Yes, LINUX is also an operating system and it has the same functionalities as of a Windows OS. But there are certain differences between LINUX, Windows, and many other OS. In this LINUX tutorial, we will learn many characteristics, applications, and unique features of LINUX OS.

What is Linux?

LINUX is an open-source OS i.e., it is free to download and use, unlike Windows. It is based on UNIX OS, so its features are very close to the UNIX. LINUX Operating System is considered as one of the most secure OS present in the market. You would've heard about LINUX based Website Hosting plans, these plans are always expensive than others because they use LINUX OS in the server which provides extra security to the data. In this LINUX tutorial, you will learn different uses of LINUX step by step, stay with us.

Evolution of Linux OS

The developer of LINUX, Mr. Linus Torvalds was a computer science student who used to work on UNIX OS. Linus was very fond of UNIX but he wanted improvements in it. UNIX was a sturdy OS but wasn't very flexible for changes at that time so when Linus pinched his ideas of improvement to the UNIX team, they rejected his suggestions. However, Linus didn't stop and developed his own LINUX OS based on UNIX OS with improvements.

Linus although developed an OS LINUX but as it was a new Operating System, there was no software for it. Why would anyone use an OS with no software? It didn't even have a File Manager. So, Linus started collaborating with other developers to develop software for his OS and in 1991 he launched LINUX Operating System with some basic software. As time passed, its popularity increased, and slowly it became one of the favorite open-sourced OS.

LINUX OS is still not a competitor in the OS market for big companies but it has its special place. One of the reasons for its low numbers is that it never gets promoted, it is an open-sourced OS and Linus Torvalds also never tried to commercialize LINUX which is a also big reason for its robustness.

Linux gets its due attention

LINUX Operating System is very popular within programmers because of its open source feature. Anyone can take the source code of LINUX and can develop their own OS by using LINUX Kernel. LINUX Kernel is the base for many modern OS like Knoppix, Ubuntu, etc. Its flexibility is the reason for its popularity. There are already thousands of LINUX based OS present in the market and many more to come.

The benefits of using Linux

Linux is on its prime and will only get higher from now on. The future belongs to LINUX, that's why we are also providing this LINUX tutorial to you all so that you would get familiar with this OS. There are many benefits of using LINUX over any other OS present in the market, let's go through a few:

  1. LINUX is open-source and free, i.e. anyone can take its source code and can modify it.
  2. Its software base is increasing rapidly and most of them are also free to use and offer the same functionalities as of other paid software.
  3. LINUX Operating System is one of the secured OS ever, you don't even need an antivirus. And it is open-sourced so developers from around the world are continuously working on its security enhancement.
  4. LINUX OS is one of the best choices for servers, thanks to its robust nature. It is currently the most reliable and stable OS.
  5. It is used in a personal computer, mobile phones, smartwatches, etc.

Is it for me? Should I learn Linux Tutorial?

At first, users were not very fond of operating LINUX because, despite high security and stability features, LINUX didn't have a user-friendly interface. But with regular upgrades and feedback from the users from around the world, it now has a pretty sorted interface and no one should have any difficulty in adapting it. So, if you are interested in trying out LINUX you can definitely give it a try.

Unix Vs Linux: What Is Difference Between UNIX And Linux?

In this LINUX tutorial, we are trying to give you as much background information as needed to understand exactly why LINUX Operating System is so popular and a reliable option for the developers. We all know that LINUX is a child of UNIX OS but it is an improved version, so we have listed some important differences between these two which will help you understand better that WHY LINUX OS is cooler than UNIX. Have a look:

  1. LINUX is open-sourced but UNIX is not.
  2. LINUX gives free community supports whereas UNIX offers paid commercial support.
  3. LINUX comes with frequent updates and quick bug fixes whereas in UNIX bug fixes can take time as the updates are not very frequent.
  4. LINUX OS uses a 'BASH' shell but the UNIX shell is 'Bourne'. Linux default shell is BASH while the Unix shell is Bourne Shell.
  5. LINUX Operating System supports almost all file systems but UNIX can only deal with two to three file systems.
  6. LINUX based OS are Ubuntu, Red Hat, Android, etc. UNIX based OS are Solaris, HP-UX, Darwin, macOS X, etc.

How Hard is it to Learn Linux?

Learning Linux Operating System is not that much hard as we think. Linux is easy to learn if you have familiar with technology and have basic knowledge about syntax and basic commands within the operating system. Linux comes with GUI (Graphical User Interface) or CLI (Command-line Interface), You can choose any interface. Well if you are using a graphical interface, so it doesn't mean that you can't use the command on it, you can also use it as a command line.

In the next LINUX tutorial (what is Linux) we will learn more about the history of the LINUX Operating System. Click on next!

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