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What is HTML?

HTML full form is Hypertext Markup Language. Yes, it sounds a bit alien, but it is a very simple language which is easy to learn. It is the most basic and important language in website designing and development .

In our HTML tutorial, you will get step-by-step guidance to easily understand the use of HTML. You will be able to create layouts for websites on your own.

HTML for Absolute Beginners

This HTML tutorial is for absolute beginners so it is written in a simple way so that students don't get confuse. We have given an example for every topic and concept with proper details about correct output of the code and legit HTML code which students can copy and can download also. We have also provided an Online HTML editor so that you can practice stuff you learn in this HTML tutorial.

By the end of this HTML tutorial, we are sure that you will become comfortable with HTML and would start creating your own website structures. Although to make an attractive and beautiful website you have to learn some other technologies also like CSS and JavaScript but HTML is the base for everything. Just follow our guidelines step by step in this HTML tutorial to start your journey into Website development.

What This Tutorial Covers

This HTML tutorial covers all the basics and also the advance features of HTML, like various HTML tags, their attributes, values for the attributes, etc. You will learn about the various ways of formatting the text, adding Style to the webpage, adding the Scripts to the webpage, inserting images, lists, forms and so on.

If we categorize this HTML tutorial then, in basics you will learn tags like of HTML forms, HTML table, HTML list, etc. Once you're familiar with the basics, we'll learn about the advance part of HTML which mostly contains HTML5 elements. HTML5 elements provide some advanced features like HTML graphics, HTML datalist, etc. which we will study later in the tutorial


Before proceeding to the HTML tutorial or web designing course, we here are assuming that you atleast have a basic knowledge of using windows or any other operating system, i.e. you are familiar with-
  • Experience with any HTML editor like Notepad, Notepad++, Edit plus, etc. A good HTML editor will keep your HTML code clean and in an organized format. These modern editors can keep an eye on your coding errors also and can give you warnings about it, it increases programmers efficiency and makes it less stressful for them because trust us, finding an error is a headache sometimes. These can also give you a preview of the webpage you created, based on your code, it gives you an idea of how your webpage will get displayed on a browser.
  • Creation and deletion of folders and files on computer.
  • Editing and saving the changes in a file.

To begin web designing, you need only two things: a simple-text editor to write html code and a simple web browser. Write your code in the editor and save the HTML file with a .html or .htm extension and then open it in a browser to see the output of your HTML code.

Here are the links to download some HTML editors:

Let's start the HTML tutorial, be patient, we will go slowly, step by step. In the next page we will learn about the history of the HTML and also its advantages. Click on Next.

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