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This is a free live word counter which counts the number of words, character count, excluding trails and excluding all the spaces from the text. To start, Just write or paste your text into the text area. The word Count will automatically count words under the text area.

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About text checker

Word counter is a free tool we’ve developed to help you to calculating the characters of your written content. It is built to deliver exact results and tell how long or short your content is.

But this free text counter simple tool for showing you the live number of words and characters in your content. You can trust our tool that helps you in your content-related projects, whether you are a simple or a professional writer, a student, a teacher, or working for SEO related activities for your website or just a social media explorer this tool with help you in all cases.

How it work ?

Our free Word Checker tool has a very simple and user-friendly interface an easy to use. It is not complicated anymore like other word counters available on the internet market. In our free word counter tool, you can also check characters with excluding trails and excluding all spaces and this will help you to count more refined content.

All you have to do just click on this link https://www.coderepublics.com/tools/Word-Counter/ and paste your text in the text box provided and the tool will automatically run the scan and immediately show you the results below the text box.

Our Privecy

Nowadays It’s common for most of the other online Counter Tools to keep a record of your content on their servers when you use them, but we are different. We do NOT keep record view or spy your content when you use our tool. We ensure that your content is 100% safe and only accessible by you. You can also enjoy using our other Free Tools like Alexa Rank Checker or Youtube Thumbnail Downloader.

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