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What is JavaScript ?

The JavaScript is a computer programming language which is used in website development. It is called as a client-side language because it runs on the client’s side and not on the server. It develops websites with user interactivity and dynamic pages. It is an interpreted programming language and not the compiled one that means, an interpreter reads the code, interprets line one by one and then runs it.

JavaScript for Absolute Beginners

We have created this JavaScript tutorial for absolute beginners. It is written in a simple manner so that students wouldn’t have a hard time understanding the tutorial. We have given examples for every topic and concept with proper results shown and also the legit JavaScript code is available on the website which students can copy or download. We have also provided online text editor to practice JavaScript programs online.

By the end of this tutorial, we are sure that you will become comfortable with JavaScript and would start creating interactive websites for great user experience. Although to make an attractive and beautiful website you have to learn some other technologies also like, HTML and CSS. JavaScript gets combined with HTML and CSS, so knowledge of these technologies is important.

What This Tutorial Covers

This JavaScript course covers all the fundamental concepts to clear the basics and after that, the advance features of JavaScript are used discussed like, Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) like Functions, Arrays, String, operators, Form Validation Cookie and Error Handling.


Before proceeding to the JavaScript tutorial, we are assuming that you at least have basic knowledge of using windows or any other operating system, i.e. you are familiar with :-

  • Working on any text editor.
  • Know how to create directories and files?
  • Know how to navigate through different directories.
  • Have knowledge of HTML and CSS.

We recommend you to learn HTML and CSS tutorial before starting this JavaScript tutorial.

Let's start the tutorial, be patient, we will go slowly, step by step. In the next page we will learn about the history of the JavaScript and also its advantages. Click on Next.

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