WordPress Edit Comments

Yes, you sometimes have need to edit some comments in the posts because this is internet and not everything is sane here. If there is something written in comment which you think is inappropriate and relevant to your post you can edit the comment and can remove the objectionable part.

Note: Editing comments can be done only by the admin.

Following are the steps to Edit Comments in WordPress :

Step 1 : Click on 'Comments', present in WordPress sidebar.

Wordpress Edit Comments

Step 2 : You can view the comments list for various pages. Hover the curser over the commnet you want to edit, then click on Edit to go to the editing page for the comment.

Note: You can also directly delete the comment by clicking on 'trash'.
Wordpress Edit Comments

Step 3 : The Edit comment page gets displayed. Here you can edit the Name, Email, URL and the comment itself from the comment box.

Do the necessary changes in the comments and click on Update Button to save the changes.

Wordpress Edit Comments

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