Wordpress Writing Setting

This setting specifies how you want to post your content, it gives you option of remote publishing, like to post it just by email, to categorize the posts, to set login details.

Following are the steps to access the writing settings −

Step 1 : − Go to SettingsWriting option.

Wordpress Writing Setting

Step 2 : − The General Setting page will be displayed like the snapshot.

Wordpress Writing Setting

Following are the details of the fields on Writing settings.

Fields Description
Default Post Category It let you set a default category for your posts. You can leave it as uncategorized also if you don't want to set a default one.
Default Post Format It is used by different themes to select the format to be applied to a post.
Classic Editor Setting This plugin also gives you an option to keep both Gutenberg and the Classic editor working together at the same time.
Post via e-mail You can set an e-mail address here which you can use to create and publish posts on your blog through e-mail. Whatever you will write in the mail will be posted as a new post. To use this, you'll need to set up a secret e-mail account with a POP3 access.
Mail Server Here you will enter the mail server from which you wil send mail to post directly to your page. For this, you need to have POP3 compatible mail server like gmail, and it will have address such as mail.example.com, which you should enter here. It's a concept we will cover later. You don't have to worry about it right now.
Login Name The email account you will use to send posts.
Password The password of the entered account.
Default Mail Category It allows you to specify category for all the posts that are published via Post by e-mail feature.
Update Services You can set the different services to be notified when you create a new post. See the Update Services on the codex for the long list of possible services.

Step 3 : − Click on Save Changes button to save all the updated information.

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