WordPress Edit Tags

So, here we are again, we are developers we do mistakes, a lot of them. So that's why wordpress has given us editing features to correct the mistakes or to update the previous content. We can update Tags too. See the steps below to figure out some very simple ways to edit the Tags.

Following are the steps to Edit Tags in WordPress.

Step 1 : − Click on PostsTags in WordPress. Wordpress Edit Tags

Step 1 : − You can see the Photography Tag (Photography was created in the chapter Wordpress - Add Tags). When the cursor hovers over the Tag name, then few options gets displayed below it. You can see, there are two ways to edit the tags i.e. Edit and Quick Edit. Let's see 'Edit' first :-

Step 2 : Click on Edit option in Tags section as shown in the following screen.

Wordpress Edit Tag

Step 3 : - The Edit screen has been opened and here you can do the necessary changes in the Tag like the name, slug, description. After finishing the editing, click on 'Update' button to save the changes.

Note: You can also delete the Tag from here, as you can see the 'Delete' button beside the 'Update' button. Click on it and the Tag will get deleted.

Let's see the Quick Edit now :-

Step 1 : - Click on Quick Edit option in Tags section as shown in the screenshot below.

Wordpress Tags page

Step 2 : - Here you can only edit the Name and Slug of the Tags as seen in the following screen. You cannot edit the description of the Tag. After finishing all the changes, click on 'Update Tag' button.

Wordpress Tags page

Delete Tags

Step 1 : - You saw in the previous steps also, when you hover over the Tag names some options gets displayed. One of them is 'Delete' beside 'Edit' and 'Quick Edit'. Just click on 'Delete' if you want to permanently delete a Tag from your site.

Step 2 : - After that a Pop-up will get displayed, click on 'OK'. Look at the screenshot below :-

Wordpress Delete Tag

In the next tutorial we will discuss about Links. Click on next button.

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