WordPress Edit Users

Now, it can happen that you want to change some settings related to a user. You can do it by going to edit user feature of wordpress.

Following are the simple steps to Edit Users in WordPress :

Step 1 : Click on UsersAll Users.

Wordpress Edit User

Step 2 : You will see a list of users who are registered in the wordpress.

Wordpress Edit User

You can see two more tabs on the toolbar :

  • Administrator: List of administrators will get displayed.
  • Subscriber: List of subscribers will get displayed.

When we click on 'Change role' box, a dropdown list appears as seen in the image below. You can learn about user roles from here.

Wordpress Edit User

Step 3 : To edit a user, move the cursor over the user name, click on Edit option as shown in the image below to edit the information of the user.

Wordpress Edit User

Step 4 : Now you are in the Edit User page. Edit or Modify the fields as per your requirements and click on 'Update User' to save the changes.

Note : There is an 'Admin Color Scheme' selector, it let you choose the color schemes for the dashboard. Different user can have different color schemes.
Wordpress Edit User

Note : Admin's profile can be edited by clicking on Users -> Your Profile.

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