Wordpress Permalink settings

Permalink is a way to create a custom URL structure for your blog posts or category. It allows you to set a default permalink structure in your posts.

Following are the steps to access permalink settings.

Step 1 : − Click on Settings → Click on Permalinks.

Wordpress Permalink Setting

Step 2 : − When you click on Permalinks, the following page appears on the screen.

Wordpress Permalink Setting

Following are the details of the fields on Permalink settings.

Common Setting

Fields Description
Default It allows you to set the default URL structure in Wordpress.
Day and name It allows you to set URL structure according to the date and name of the posts.
Month and name It sets the URL structure according to the month and name of the post.
Numeric It set numbers in the URL structure of the post.
Post name It simply uses post name in the URL structure.
Custom Structure You can set a custom URL structure for your posts.

Optional Setting

These are optional settings. Here, you can add custom structure for main category or tag URL. If your text box is empty then default settings is used. These are not necessary and you can skip these as you are beginners, don't overload yourself.

Fields Description
Category Base Add custom prefix for your category URL.
Tag Base Add custom prefix to your Tags URL.
The same way as above you can choosed or create custom URL's for your products(if any).

Step 3 : − To save the changes, click on Save Changes button.

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