Wordpress Reading Settings

Reading Settings are used to set the layout and the default front page of you website. You can set a static page designed by you as a front page or you can set your latest blog post also.

Step 1 : − Click on SettingsReading option in WordPress.

Wordpress Reading Setting

Step 2 : − The General Setting page is displayed as shown in the following snapshot.

Wordpress Reading Setting

Following are the details of the fields on reading settings.

Filds Description
Blog pages show at most Enter maximum number of post you want to show on page.
Syndication feeds.. Enter the maximum number of items you want to display in most recent post category.
For each article.. Select the radio buttons to specify whether you want a summary or fullpost display in the posts page.
Search Engine Visibility Tick the checkbox if you don't want search engines to include your site in search results.

Step 3 : − Click on Save Changes button to save your updated Reading Settings.

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